How Bicester Village became the go Balenciaga

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How Bicester Village became the go Balenciaga1

One night this summer, I quizzed two 20 something fashionistas bedecked in fabulous Cline and Prada about how on earth they could afford such high ticket items on starter salaries.never pay full price, Hannah Lamb, a fashion researcher, told me. me and my friends, it a sport. We follow the clothes from the catwalk to full price websites and stores. When they get placed with outlets, we pounce. We don care about having it first, we care about having it at the right price.Considering that the price of luxury fashion has grown at twice the rate of inflation over the last decade, these girls are a whip smart product of their time. And the fact that today, Balenciaga SUPERMARKET CLIP M I LOVE TECHNO bragging rights are more about price than speedy acquisition is also why Bicester Village, the only outlet in Britain blessed with the luxury titans Prada, Cline, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, attracts a massive 6.3 million people a year.Bicester Village, halfway between London and Birmingham, opened in 1995 Photo: Will Sanders.A lot of them are tourists. The Chinese especially love a day out at Bicester to stock up on Burberry, Prada and Gucci: it is now thought to be the number two UK destination for tourists from China after a visit to Buckingham Palace. Three in four Chinese visitors travel to Bicester aided by Mandarin signs that have been installed at London Marylebone station; others travel by tour buses, of which nearly 10,000 arrived in 2014. And an estimated 2.5 million Brits a year, among them the thrifty Duchess of Cambridge, also come here to invest in their designer goodies.Bicester Village, opened in 1995, was the first of luxury outlet specialists Value Retail 10 international destinations its next is opening near Shanghai in 2016. And no wonder: Bicester is a hugely successful business model, with double digit growth in gross sales each year since it opened.While I knew about it, How Bicester Village became the go Balenciaga I had been just once, for a press launch, three years ago. Why? Utter laziness. Bicester is halfway between London and Birmingham, a few miles off the M40, and a bit of a faff to get to. Trains from Marylebone or Birmingham New Street stations go as far as Bicester North, which is still a further bus ride away from the bargains.The faff in question, however, will soon evaporate in eight days time when, on 26 October, Chiltern Railways unveils a new station, Bicester Village. Sitting, effectively, in the mall car park, it is on a new 100m line that speeds from Marylebone to Bicester in 46 minutes, and then loops back down to Oxford Parkway so no more need for that bus. Shopping Balenciaga With Wholesale Price: Tags: #Balenciaga #yupoo #yupoo Balenciaga #handbags from china #yupoo aliexpress #aliexpress yupoo #yupoo watches #yupoo search #yupoo english #free vector